About The "BDSM and Meditation" Class

BDSM and traditional meditation practice both involve working with awareness, presence, intense pain, and energy to create opening and greater flow of life force. You are invited to explore the intersection of these two powerful traditions of liberation.

Lecture Topics

* The intimate and intertwined relationship between sexuality and spirituality

* Sweet loving sex and nasty hot kinky sex - and how they map to sweet loving spirituality and nasty hot spirituality

* How concentration and presence can help a top to be more present, focused, and powerful

* How letting the sensations of pain flow smoothly, with no resistance, can bring about an experience of blissful expansion

* How purification with pain leads to purification with pleasure, and vice versa

* The difference between what our minds/"selves" want, and what our deeper being wants (and getting out of the way, so as to let the universe bring its own dark desires forth)

* The spirituality of service, as developed traditional monasteries

* The similarity of integrity and honor in spirituality and in BDSM


* Stabilizing the mind on the breath so as to create undistracted presence and focus

* Opening to and deeply experiencing sensations in the body

* Allowing a smooth, open flow of pain

About The Teacher

Ian Snow has lived in Buddhist monasteries for four years, has meditated daily since 1989, and has been teaching meditation formally since 2002. He teaches through a two-month class and in private tutoring, as well as informally in such locations as Black Rock City and ashrams in India.

Ian has also been practicing BDSM since the late nineties, with a passion for raw presence, energetic opening, and subs wearing short skirts, nylons, and bite marks.

He teaches his "BDSM and Meditation" course to help people to have their tree's branches grow towards the sun of pure open loving spirit while their roots sink down in the dark soil of shit-kicking nasty sex.

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Past Teachings

Ian has in the past helped people blend traditional pure spiritual opening with the intense fire of BDSM practice at:

* The 2016 Dark Odyssey Surrender conference

* The 2015 Dark Odyssey Surrender conference

* The Citadel, San Francisco

* Dan and dawn's Erotic Awakening Podcast (See here for more podcasts)

* The 2013 Dark Odyssey Surrender conference

* Meriana Dinkova's Sex Magic meetup

* The Bay Area Blazing Star Thelemic Temple

* The Sacramento Temple of the Silver Star Thelemic Temple

* A private yearly Kink-themed campout